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Riding Executive

The Pickering Uxbridge Federal riding is a strong Liberal riding with a passion for issues that directly impact the local community, the country as a whole, and how Canada is seen internationally. The Executive is comprised of a many individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Meet the Executive

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

President James Calder (
Vice President Ibrahim Daniyal
General Secretary Michelle Speelman Viney
Treasurer Doreen O’Connell
Membership Chair Haseeb Hassaan
Fundraising Chair Musa Mansuar
Policy Chair Andrew Larter

Roles of the Executive

Please see the information at the My Liberal for more detailed descriptions.


An EDA President is responsible to preside over all meetings of the EDA, represent the EDA at PTA meetings, report to the members of the EDA at AGMs, and to give notices to members of the EDA as required. It is the EDA President’s responsibility to maintain written job descriptions for each member of the executive as well as to ensure that all members of the EDA perform their duties.

Vice President

The EDA Vice-President is responsible to assist the EDA President as required, if the EDA President is absent from office, or if there is a vacancy in the office of EDA President, it is the responsibility of the EDA Vice-President to assume the duties of the EDA President.


It is the responsibility of the EDA Secretary to keep a record of all meetings of the EDA Executive.The EDA Secretary should send out meeting agendas to all members of the executive prior to the meetings as well as meeting minutes.  It is also the responsibility of the EDA Secretary to ensure that all relevant authorities have copies of EDA minutes, EDA appointments and EDA undertakings.


The EDA Treasurer is to administer the finances of the EDA, and report on the state of those finances to the EDA at each Annual General Meeting. The EDA Treasurer must establish a budget and maintain a record income and expenditures for the EDA.  The financial status and bank statements must be maintained and available to the PTA.  The EDA Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring the EDA is registered and up to date with Elections Canada.

Membership Chair

It is the EDA Membership Chair’s responsibility to establish and chair a membership committee which keeps track of membership within the EDA.  The EDA Membership Chair and membership committee should organize regular membership drives to get new members and is responsible for sending membership forms and payments to the PTA.  The Membership Chair and membership committee should welcome new members as well as contact expired and expiring members for renewal.

Fundraising Chair

The EDA Fundraising Chair is responsible to chair the EDA Fundraising Committee.  The goal of this committee is to ensure the riding has the funds necessary to function.  The EDA Fundraising Chair should organize EDA Fundraising activities such as phone or door-to-door canvassing, direct mail or email campaigns, or special events.


The EDA Policy Chair is responsible for assembling the EDA Policy Committee. The EDA Policy Chair is responsible for community outreach, and being in liaison with professional, cultural, ethnic and other communities. The EDA Policy Chair is also responsible for policy development; identifying issues and engaging fellow Liberals and members of the community in discussions to create policy grounded in Liberal values.